Shoes ZiZi Bu - Plovdiv

  The production process in Bulkin Plovdiv cover design and construction of models of women's footwear ZiZi Bu, to manufacturing and marketing of produce. The amount of models and corresponding numbers are consistent with the market. Footwear company:


  * Design of shoes for each season

  * Production of formal women's shoes:

    - Shoes for young people and teenagers

    - Shoes for bridal

  Company Bulkin Plovdiv produces shoes for every season. ZiZi Bu patterns are consistent with the clothing line.

  * ZiZi Bu - Collection SUMMER
   - Elegant ladies shoes with low and high-heeled
   - Summer boots
   - Slippers
   - Sandals

  * ZiZi Bu - Winter Collection
    - Winter boots
    - Ladys boots
    - Ladyes low boots / bootee

  * The shoes are an important accessory
  In the textbooks, the topics in compliance with label communication says that man is known by the shoes, regardless of how he dressed. For it is considered that they are the most important accessory of our clothing. To make a good impression, you should try our shoes always be in good condition.
  Different shoes can completely change the style of a garment. Over time, however, they inevitably wear. To keep their shoes for longer in good form must be respected the basic rules.

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